Improving Your Patio With Ceiling Heaters

Posted on: 25 February 2020


You might assume that the winter months will make it impossible to comfortably use your home's patio. However, there are heating units that are specifically designed for the heating needs of an open patio area. Installing these units can allow you to use your patio throughout the year, regardless of the current temperature.

Place The Patio Heaters On The Ceiling

Proper placement of the heating unit is essential for maximizing its effectiveness at warming the patio area. Placing these heating units on the ceiling can provide some important benefits that may not be obvious at first. For example, this can allow these units to warm a wide space as the heat can be directed down. Additionally, a ceiling placement for these units will avoid creating a tripping hazard or otherwise wasting space on the ground. Patio heaters can be fairly heavy, and they will need to be installed on a support that can handle this weight. Otherwise, the heater may fall, which could damage it or your patio.

Decide Whether You Need A Patio Heater That Has A Blower

An important decision when choosing heating units will be whether you want a unit that has a blower. The blower will allow the heating unit to spread its warmth over a much larger area. While this can reduce the number of heaters that you will need, it can also make it harder to evenly warm the entire patio as the heat will be highly directed. The blower will also require an electrical connection, which could add to the installation difficulty if you were planning to use a gas or oil-burning heater for the patio.

Clean The Patio Heaters Regularly

Regardless of the type of heaters you use or where they are placed, keeping them clean will be an essential type of maintenance. When a person fails to properly maintain their patio heaters, these units can suffer a range of performance problems that could keep them from comfortably warming the patio while also exposing the home to a risk of a fire. For homes that use gas and oil patio heaters, it will be necessary to thoroughly clean the burner so that any excess residues are removed. Allowing these substances to gather on the patio heater can inhibit its flow of fuel, which can stop it from producing heat. In addition to cleaning the burner, the side vents much also have any dust removed. Otherwise, there will not be enough airflow to sustain the ignition or burner flames.

For more information, speak with a professional who provides ceiling mounted patio heaters