4 Great Unique Gifts To Give When You Live In Texas

Posted on: 11 January 2020


If you just moved to Texas, and you have friends and family who are scattered over different parts of the country, you have a unique opportunity to send all your friends and family special Texas-themed gifts for special events. Sharing gifts with your friends and family who live in other areas will allow them to share in some of your new Texas pride.

#1 Custom Texas Ranger Cufflinks

The Texas Rangers are some of the most famous law enforcement officials around. They are more than law enforcement officers; they are an embodiment of the idea of the old West and taking pride in where you live. However, putting on a Texas Rangers' badge is more for children, which is where some Texas ranger cufflinks come it. Texas ranger cufflinks are a fun way to connect to this traditional image of American law enforcement.

#2 Texas Cookbook

Texas is known for having its own brand of cooking that is unique from other states and regions of the country. Your friends back home will have some fun getting a cookbook full of Texas-inspired recipes that will allow them to connect with your new home state. You can personalize this gift even more by choosing a few recipes to make together and compare notes. A cookbook is a great way to cook together even when you are apart from those you love.

#3 Texas Barbecue Kit

One of the food categories that Texas is well known for is its barbecue, including its barbecue sauce. You can send them a custom barbecue sauce gift basket, or you can go to your local grocery store and pick up your favorite barbecue sauces from Texas and send them along with some handwritten recipes. There are bounds to be numerous barbecue sauces and other special sauces that are just made in Texas and are not exported around the United States that you can share with your family and friends.

You can also add some Texas steak spices to your barbecue bundle, and other meat rubs as well. Don't contain your barbecue gift just to the sauces; there are lots of great spice mixes and marinades unique to Texas as well.

#4 Texas-shaped Items

There is no denying that not just the name of the state, but the shape of the state, is famous. There are tons of different items you can get that have either the state of Texas on the item or is shaped like the state of Texas. For example, you can get your loved ones some Texas keychains, or a cutting board shaped like the state of Texas, or a growler with the Texas logo on it. You can find all sorts of items that will match your friend's and family member's interest that showcase the outline of the great state of Texas.

Now that you live in Texas, have some fun with the gifts that you give your friends and family for special occasions, and draw inspiration from your state for the gifts that you give.