4 Reasons Stone Counters Are Worth the High Price Tag

Posted on: 26 November 2019


When you first start looking into the idea of replacing your kitchen counters, you might be shocked by the prices you see. With prices in the thousands for real stone counters, you might be tempted to just pay a couple of hundred dollars for laminate and call it a day! However, in reality, there are a lot of advantages to stone counters that make them well worth the higher price tag, even if that means you need to save up for a couple more months to afford them.

1. Stone is heat-resistant.

The kitchen is a place where you're going to have hot pots and pans. There's just no way around it! You can't set hot items directly on laminate, or else you will risk discoloring it or melting it. It won't be long before you forget to reach for a hot plate and you burn the laminate — or until a pot slips off the hot pad and leaves a mark. You're so much better off with stone counters, which can take the heat. You don't need to use hot plates, and you won't have a counter with ugly burn and melt marks down the road.

2. Stone lasts longer.

Laminate counters may last five or ten years until they need to be replaced. Stone counters can last longer than you. If you get stone counters now, you will never have to replace them again. If you think about it, this could actually make stone counters cheaper in the long-term, assuming you stay in the same home for a while. You could get one set of stone counters now, or four sets of laminate ones over the next couple of decades!

3. Stone is easier to sell.

Stone counters are one of the first things buyers look for when house shopping. They convey a sense of luxury and suggest good taste. If you try to sell your home in the future there are buyers who won't even come to look if they realize the place has laminate counters. Stone will sell your place faster and at a higher price.

4. Stone looks stunning.

You're going to spend a lot of time in this kitchen and the counters are an element that take up a lot of space in the kitchen. Stone counters are stunning and will make the space one that you love being in. They may cost more, but they will make each meal more enjoyable to prepare and clean up after, and that's worth it! If you're looking at installing countertops, look for companies like Old World Stone.