How A Gutter Repair Service Might Fix Rusted Areas On Your Gutter System

Posted on: 11 October 2019


If your old metal gutters have rust spots and holes from corrosion, you may be wondering if you should replace your gutters or have them repaired. If you want to postpone the expense of replacing the gutters for a few years, then repairs might be the best option when possible. The most important thing is that your gutters work properly and don't spill water near the foundation of your house. A gutter repair service can look over your gutters to see if the rusted areas can be fixed. This is how it might be done.

Remove Rust That Hasn't Eaten Through The Metal

If rust is removed early, you might catch it before it has a chance to eat through the metal and make leaky holes. Rust can be removed from metal by scrubbing it off with a wire brush. Removing the rust is important to avoid it spreading, so covering it up is not an option. Since all rust should be removed, the amount of rust on the gutters might be a determining factor in whether the gutters are repaired or replaced.

Paint The Area With A Rust Inhibitor

Once the rust has been removed, bare metal will show through and be exposed to rain. Painting over the bare metal with a rust inhibitor will prevent rust from forming again. This might make your gutters unattractive if there is a color difference between the repaired areas and the rest of the gutters, so the gutter repair service might recommend painting the entire trough to make the gutters look better.

Cover Holes With Metal Flashing

If rust has been on the metal for a long time, there may be holes rusted through in some spots. Once the rusted area is cleaned up, the hole can be covered with a small piece of flashing that's adhered with some sort of adhesive such as roofing cement. The flashing blocks the hole so that water won't leak out of the troughs and you can get more life from your gutter system before you need to replace it.

While the gutter repair service is fixing rusted areas on your gutter, you'll probably want them to check the seams and slope of the troughs too. If your gutters are old and neglected, they may need more repairs than just fixing a few rusted areas. Once repairs are done, the gutters may last a few more years, but you'll want to check them occasionally to make sure they drain properly and water isn't falling too close to your foundation. Eventually, you'll need new gutters, but you may be able to postpone that expense by keeping the gutters in good shape with repairs and maintenance.

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