The Living Room Table — More Than A Coffee Table

Posted on: 9 July 2019


Most people already realize that the traditional name for the table that sits at the center of our living or family rooms is somewhat of a misnomer. This central location for remotes, popcorn bowls, the Sunday paper, and more is an important part of any home. Choosing a table that works for your family, the room, and your needs are important. If you are making a choice of this type, be sure that you take the below points into consideration as you shop for your "everything" table.

Consider the Scale

Don't be intimidated by this rule— it's really about making the table fit in with your other pieces. This table should be one of the last things you buy for your room and scale refers to the size of other pieces in relation to the table. Having everything be the same basic scale can look boring, so try for variety. If your couch has narrow arms and back and is far from over-stuffed, go big on the table and find one with chunky legs. Just be sure to take a measure of the space available before you make the purchase. What looks fine in the furniture showroom could be disastrously tight in your space. You should plan to leave about 20 or so inches between your seating and the edge of the table. Too little space makes for a cluttered look. Also, try not to have your table be higher than the seating around it.

What Are Your Needs?

Once you have scale out of the way, get practical. If you are living alone, you might not need much surface area. On the other hand, those with children might appreciate tables that come complete with built-in storage options. Utilize that unused space under a table and keep toys, books, blankets, shoes, and more out of sight with the use of removable tops, cabinets, and drawers underneath the table. Those with a habit of entertaining might want to consider table tops with some resistance to moisture, food, and heat.

What is Your Style?

It's safe to say that a table can be found to suit you no matter what your style may be. Consider stepping outside the box and adding an unexpected accent with your table. If you are prone to traditional pieces everywhere else, what about striking a more contemporary air by placing a clear acrylic table in your room? If you tend towards cool pastels, consider adding a bright pop of fun with a stronger hue like coral or bright yellow. Acquire your pieces one by one and make your room a reflection of who you and your family are. To learn more, speak to a specialist at your favorite furniture store.

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