Want More Natural Looking Stone Than What Comes Out Of A Quarry? A Few Stone Supply Tips

Posted on: 18 October 2018


Stone; that hard substance so many people take for granted, and it is everywhere. That is why it is always amazing that people still choose to put quarried stone in their landscaping. If you want some stone, but you want a much more natural look to the stones in your yard, here are some places to look to get your all-natural stone.

In the Woods

If you are going camping anyway, why not hike around during the day to find some stones of various sizes? The neat part to this hike is finding stones covered in lush green moss, or stones that nature has chiseled for you rather than a jackhammer chipped out of a quarry. There are all kinds of colors of stone in the woods too, which guarantees you the chance of finding something really unique-looking and fun for your yard. 

In Rivers and Streams

If you want less "pointy" or jagged rock, you can always go swimming about in rivers and streams to look for rocks. Here you will find lots of very smooth stones, some even with algae on them if you still want that green, mossy look. Since it is not against the law to take rocks from nature home with you, you can harvest as much river rock as you want, provided you can safely transport it home. 

In Caves

Do not go into caves alone for this venture. That must be said before you are advised about the amazing rocks you can find inside caves. In fact, a lot of cave tours allow you to mine some rock yourself or buy chunks of previously mined rock in the gift shop. There is definitely a lot of cool rocks for sale in a cave gift shop!


As long as the mines are safe enough to tour, you can pick up a lot of cool rocks at a mine. Sometimes the mining company will even haul out rocks and leave them at the entrance for people to pick up and take home for landscaping purposes. If this sounds like a good idea, you can take a pickup truck to the mine and grab whatever grabs your fancy. 

Rock Slides

Rock slides happen a lot. If you live in an area where rock slides are common, you can watch for the rock slides to occur. When they do, you can volunteer to remove the rocks, and then you can keep what you like.

For more information, contact your local stone supply company.