Options For Restoring Your Pool Deck

Posted on: 21 July 2018


The deck around your pool probably gets a lot of use. The chlorinated water, the sun and all of the foot traffic and fun can really put your pool deck through the wringer over the years. If your pool deck is beginning to look aged, it's time to get something done. Here, you'll learn about two of the more durable options for resurfacing your pool deck.

Cleaning and Sealing

Before you go and invest in resurfacing your deck, determine if you'll be able to restore the look with a good cleaning and sealing job. All you really need to do is to examine the decking to see if it's in good enough condition to pressure wash and seal.

As long as the wood isn't rotting, splitting or lifting, you could very well get away with just giving the deck a good cleaning. If you've never pressure washed your pool deck before, you'll be shocked at how well a good cleaning can restore the look and condition of the deck.

 Composite Decking

If the decking is beyond the point of a good cleaning, or if you are just looking to upgrade, you might be considering composite decking as a refinishing material. Composite decking is wonderful – it is available in various colors, shapes, sizes, and designs. This material doesn't attract bugs, won't feed the bugs, won't grow mold and mildew like wood, and it won't rot out.

Composite decking can be cleaned and maintained much easier than real wood decking. You will not need to clean and seal the surface each year to keep it looking nice. This decking is typically covered by a manufacturer warranty, so if something does go wrong, the manufacturer will have your back.

Concrete Decking

Concrete decking isn't what it once was. You're probably imagining a gray slab of concrete surrounding your pool – well, concrete decking doesn't have to be just that. Concrete can be stamped, stained, or finished with an epoxy and aggregate mixture.

When concrete is stamped, it's much like using the stamps that you'd use on paper, only instead of ink leaving the image on the paper, the stamp will press a design into the concrete. Stamping the concrete does two things – adds a little style and increases traction on the surface reducing the slip and fall potential around the pool.

Concrete can be stained to change the color. When you're working with a skilled contractor, the stain can be blended and used to create truly remarkable designs or patterns on the concrete. Talk with your local decking expert to learn more about what you can do to restore the look of your pool deck this year.