5 Ways to Make Your Birdhouse a Popular Winged Hangout Spot

Posted on: 11 June 2018


Garden decor birdhouses for sale are a fun way to enjoy nature right at home and to help your kids learn about the world around them. But you may need to do more than just hang a birdhouse outside in order to attract lots of colorful avian friends. 

Here are 5 easy tips to make your feeder more bird-friendly.

1. Provide Staging Areas. Birds tend to be shy and cautious creatures. So if you just put a birdhouse in the middle of the open yard, they may not be comfortable using it. Try creating some "staging areas" around the feeders by planting shrubs and small trees nearby, using a lattice or arbor, or placing some hardscape or furniture around. Let birds know that they can hide and be safe near your feeder.

2. Spread the Love. Want to attract more than one kind of backyard bird? Provide different food options to please all palates. Black-oil sunflower seeds are a popular choice with many species, but you may also want to add thistle, nyjer, nectar, or suet (especially in winter when seeds are sparse). A wild bird seed mix is a good choice until you determine what birds you want to focus on. 

3. Research Your Friends. Learn what birds tend to be in your region. Local bird guides and birding clubs are good sources of information on native and common bird species. Observe your yard and the animals that visit your birdhouse, then look them up in a bird guide book or online to determine the species. Once you know what you have and what you want, adjust your birdhouse and its environment to better suit them.

4. Just Add Water. Birds need water, so it makes sense that they would be attracted to yards with water. Try placing a small waterfall fountain or a bubbling cascade feature near the birdhouse. The sound and movement lets passing birds know that your yard is an especially refreshing haven.

5. Please Litter. Seed and leaf litter is good for birdwatching. Fallen seeds and thin matting of leaves on the ground are a smorgasbord for ground-dwelling birds such as cardinals and doves. It also provides homes for insects that are fed on by robins and towhees as well as other species. Don't clean up near your bird house too quickly!

Follow these few simple tips to boost the likelihood of many bird visitors to your birdhouses. You may even find that you turn yourself from a casual bird lover to an avid birdwatcher with a new appreciation for all the flying creatures.