Get More Out Of Your Irrigation System

Posted on: 28 April 2018


Living in the desert can make maintaining a lush landscape challenging. Since water supplies are limited, many homeowners opt to take advantage of irrigation water when it comes to the hydration needs of their landscapes.

Using irrigation water can be an effective way to preserve drinking water stores. You don't want to waste irrigation water, so it's important that you take the time to ensure that your irrigation system is set up correctly.

Designate irrigation zones.

The first thing you should do when installing an irrigation system on your property is identify zones within your yard. These zones are typically made of plants that have similar watering needs or are located in close proximity to one another.

Having a series of irrigation zones established throughout your landscape allows you to conserve water by only providing enough irrigation water to meet a specific zone's hydration needs. For example, foliage located in shaded areas will need less water than foliage in full sun. The shade prevents evaporation, allowing shaded plants to remain moist for a longer period of time.

Keep irrigation cycles short.

If you really want to conserve water on your property, you need to keep your irrigation cycles as short as possible. You don't want to dump a lot of water on your yard at once; this leads to pooling and runoff that can waste valuable irrigation resources.

Instead, try running shorter irrigation cycles more frequently. The shorter cycles give plants time to utilize the moisture provided without allowing any irrigation water to go to waste.

Keep equipment in each zone uniform.

There are many types of sprinklers that can be paired with your home's irrigation system to deliver water to your landscape. Rotors, sprays, misters, and rotary nozzles can each serve valuable functions in keeping your landscape hydrated.

Because each of these types of sprinklers delivers water at varying rates, you should avoid mixing two or more different sprinklers in a single irrigation zone. Maintaining equipment uniformity throughout each irrigation zone will maximize water delivery while minimizing the potential for any water waste to occur when your irrigation system is in use.

Being able to set up and maintain an irrigation system will allow you to access valuable water resources that can be used to keep your landscape properly hydrated. Take the time to establish zones, keep your irrigation cycles short, and use only a single type of sprinkler in each zone to maximize the efficiency of your irrigation system. To learn more, contact an irrigation company like Hydrotech Irrigation Co.