Basic Rules For First Time Gas Insert Owners

Posted on: 12 November 2017


Gas fireplace inserts are an alternative to traditional gas fireplaces. Rather than having to chop your own wood and clean the soot and debris that results from using a conventional fireplace, your gas line is responsible for delivering the fuel that your fireplace relies on. Simply flip a switch and you immediately have a fire. While propane can be more expensive than chopping wood, there are many upsides that make it worth it.

Gas Insert Chores

Burning logs on a fireplace is an annoyance. The logs can be heavy and have to be carried. The logs need to be stacked until they are ready for the fireplace. You have to purchase firewood or chop it yourself. There is no ash to clean up. A traditional fireplace simply gives you more chores.

Gas inserts still have some chores. The glass needs to be cleaned. The glass shouldn't be cleaned until it is completely cool. The glass should be removed and laid on a soft surface to avoid scratching it. Then, the glass can be cleaned using a soft cloth and glass cleaner. Never use abrasive cleaners. Then the class can be put back in place.

The inside of the gas insert needs to be cleaned periodically. Make sure the fire is extinguished. With a vacuum, you can remove all of the dirt and dust. Any dirt that can't be removed with a vacuum can be removed with a small brush.

Vented Vs. Ventless Gas Inserts

When having a gas insert installed, you must determine whether you will use a vented or ventless unit. The vented units are the safest. They bring air in from the outside and exhaust the emissions, keeping the air inside your home clean. While the ventless ones do not cause heat to escape through the chimney, the fact that emissions are released inside your home may cause pause.


The gas insert does not produce the snap and crackle that comes from a traditional fireplace. However, the cinders that can launch out of the fireplace can lead to burns and may even spark a fire. Therefore, the gas insert may be safer.

Use A Heater

Do not use a fireplace insert as your only heater. There is a risk that something will go wrong and you will need a furnace to act as a backup. However, with a working thermostat, the fireplace insert can be a supplement to your furnace.