Want To Make Your Living Room Look Like Fall? 2 Tips To Transform It

Posted on: 11 September 2017


Now that summer is leaving you may want to make your living room look more like fall instead of summery. If so, there are many things you can do to transform it without breaking the bank. Below are two of these things to help you get started with your project.

Change Curtains

If you currently have brightly colored curtains on the windows, change them out to colors like tans, browns, oranges, and more. If you cannot find any curtains on the market that you like you can have custom curtains made for your windows. This way you will have the perfect curtains that will be the exact color and style that you want. The curtains can be made to go well with the other décor in the room.

Curtains are generally made of a light weight fabric and will make your home look welcoming and homey. When shopping for curtains you will find three different styles: panels, tier, and café. For a living room, you may want to consider panel curtains. You can use decorative rods with the curtains to give them more appeal.

When choosing curtains consider the length. For example, you may want full length if it is a large picture window or you may want shorter curtains on smaller windows.

 If you would like something thicker on your windows for the fall and winter months you should choose drapes instead of curtains. Drapes are lined and will make your living room look sophisticated. You can also find draperies that are more casual that have tab tops and made of open weave fabrics.

Paint the Walls

If you have not painted the living room in some time you should consider giving it a new paint job. Do not choose standard white but instead choose colors like browns, tans, or reds. There are a variety of variations in each color, such as brick red, which is much darker than standard red. You could paint only one or two walls with color and the rest white, if you prefer.

Go to a paint store and bring home a variety of swatches so you can decide the color that you like. The color you choose should go well with the color carpeting and furniture that you have. If you have wood floors, you have more color options as wood goes with a variety of colors.

If you have never painted a room before, hire a professional to do this job for you. This will ensure it is done correctly and the room will look great.

Once the living room is painted and the curtains or drapes are hung, start adding some fall décor to the room. For more information, contact companies like Landis Decorating Inc.