The Pros And Cons Of Rain Chains

Posted on: 23 June 2017


Rain chains are becoming a popular alternative to traditional gutter downspouts. The water falls down from the gutters into a chain of small cups or bowls. As the rain falls, it fills the first cup or bowl. When it fills, it overflows, filling the cup or bowl below it. This pattern continues all the way down the chain until the water reaches the ground below. If you are considering a rain chain, learning the pros and cons can help you decide if it is ideal for you. Here are a couple of the pros and cons of rain chains.

Cons of Rain Chains

  • They Do Not Handle Much Water

One of the biggest downsides to rain chains is that they cannot handle a large amount of water. If you live in an area with heavy amounts of rain at once, a rain chain may not be ideal for you. A traditional gutter downspout can filter more water, more quickly. This makes it better suited for heavy amounts of rain.

  • They Do Not Prevent Erosion

The other con to rain chains is that they do not prevent erosion or foundation issues. When you use a gutter downspout, you are able to guide water away from your home, preventing issues with water eroding your yard or sitting on or near the foundation. You cannot effectively route water away from these areas with a rain chain. If you have erosion issues or water falls near your foundation, you may not want a rain chain.

Pros of Rain Chains

  • Rain Chains are Aesthetically Pleasing

The biggest upside to a rain chain is that is aesthetically pleasing, or in other words, prettier than a traditional gutter downspout. It can add character, design and curb appeal to the front of your home. If you are looking to make a statement with your downspout, this may be ideal for you.

  • May Make Pleasing Sounds

The other advantage to a rain chain is that metal versions, such as copper rain chains, make pleasing sounds. Many people liken the sound to wind chimes when the wind blows and a louder sounding rain when the rain falls. If you love to hear these noises outside your window as you are relaxing or trying to sleep, this can be a benefit to rain chains.

There are both pros and cons to a rain chain. If you live in an area with light rain amounts and prefer an aesthetically pleasing downspout, a rain chain may be perfect for you. Learning the pros and cons of one will help you make this decision for your house.