The Four Steps To Successful Spring Landscaping

Posted on: 19 June 2017


Every season brings about different needs for landscape maintenance. It's important you are able to differentiate between all the different seasons and landscaping needs to make your home landscaping thrive all year round. This is especially important to pay attention to in the spring when maintenance for landscaping is most important since this is the time of year when everything starts to grow back and a successful spring leads to an even more successful summer and fall. Here are the four steps to successful spring landscaping:

  1. Inspect Trees: The first thing you are going to want to do is hire professionals for a tree inspection. Since everything is starting to grow back, you want to address issues with possible decay or infection in trees, which can spread to other plants around it, thus causing significant harm to your entire landscaping. This is also important to ensure that you do not have any trees that could potentially become a liability. Trees will be removed if they are significantly damaged to the point where they could fall and harm someone or cause damage to someone's property. 
  2. Get Rid of the Weeds: The very beginning of spring is the best time to get rid of all the weeds. This way, they are not able to begin thriving in the wonderful spring weather. You will also want to take measures to suppress weed growth in your yard. For example, you can add mulch to prevent weeds from getting enough water and sunlight to grow. 
  3. Trim the Shrubs: If you have any shrubs, this is the perfect time of year to trim them up to promote healthy regrowth. This way, you are removing dead branches so that new breaches have room to grow and thrive in the perfect spring weather. 
  4. Clean it Up: Finally, you will want to remove any plants that did not do well last year and replant new ones that might do better. Consulting with a landscaping professional will ensure that you are planting all the right kinds of flowers and other plants in your yard. You also want to clean up any loose leaves and twigs that become trapped under the snow over winter so that grass and other plants have more room to grow. Otherwise, these things could be pushing down on the soil enough that not enough sunlight and water is getting to these areas. 

When you know the four steps to successful spring landscaping, you make way for healthy landscaping all year round.