How To Care For Granite

Posted on: 14 June 2017


Granite is a beautiful stone slab material that is one solid piece. It can be used in multiple ways around your home, but most commonly it is used in countertops. Granite can begin to look unsightly if not cared for properly, as it can begin to soak in things like spilled juice or water spots, causing it to mar the surface. Prevent this from happening to your beautiful countertops by taking good care of your granite. See below for some helpful care tips.

Everyday Cleaning

Be sure to wipe down your counters daily with a damp cloth. Use a microfiber cloth to keep lint from building up on the surface. Each week, use a cloth damp with a granite cleaner. This helps remove grease and other debris that water just won't remove. Never use anything other than stone cleaner on your granite. Glass cleaner or bleach should never be used. 

Deep Cleaning

To give your counter a deeper cleaning, use a degreaser to remove built up grime. Be sure to read through the manufacturer's directions on how to apply it and be sure it is safe for your granite before using it. Check your local stone supplier for help with the type of cleaning materials you should be using and see what they recommend if you aren't sure.

Applying Sealer

Applying sealer to your granite helps prevent spills from marring the surface of your granite and allowing stains from soaking into your beautiful stone. You should seal your granite each year, or less often. You can tell when your granite needs to be sealed by testing it with a small drop of water. If the water droplet soaks into your granite quickly, you need to seal it. If it sits for quite some time without soaking in, then your granite should be fine for a little while longer. The sealer helps give your granite that beautiful shine as well, so if your granite is looking dull, the sealer will bring that shine back. To apply the sealer, you'll first need to give your granite a deep clean with a degreaser. Be sure to remove everything from your counter before beginning. Use a razor blade to remove spots on your counter that aren't coming up with the degreaser. Once cleaned thoroughly, use the sealer according to the manufacturer's directions. You'll need to work in small sections at a time, allowing the sealer to soak in, then wipe off the excess. Be sure to ventilate the area while working with the sealer.

Granite is a beautiful stone that can be used in multiple ways around your home. Care for it properly to keep it looking like new and to prevent damage. Contact a business like SK Stone to learn more.