Tips For Keeping Bees In A Residential Neighborhood

Posted on: 8 June 2017


If you live in the suburbs and have decided to set up a beehive in your backyard to collect honey, then there are some things you must do before placing your hives. Since keeping bees in a residential area with close by neighbors poses a few extra challenges over keeping them in an orchard or on farmland, taking some proactive steps before getting your hives will greatly reduce any negative issues you may have to deal with. To this end, follow these tips for successfully keeping bees in a residential neighborhood:

Tip: Talk to Your Neighbors About Your Plan to Keep Bees

If you place your new beehive in your backyard without talking to your neighbors first, then you run the risk of making one of them angry. Once this has happened, it will be very hard for you to convince your neighbor that the bees are useful and make tasty honey. Instead, they will view your hive as a nuisance and they may even complain to the authorities about it.

While you are free to do what you want on your own private property, you should speak to all of your neighbors before installing your beehive. Mention to each neighbor that you are getting a beehive for honey. For neighbors who openly complain about the plan, you can offer them a bit of honey and sometimes this is all that is necessary to quiet their dissent. 

Tip: Keep Your Bee's Flight Paths Out of Your Neighbor's Yards if Possible

Since bees will create their flight paths based on their hive's location and direction, you must place the door of your beehive so it is not directed at your neighbor's house. If you have a lot of very close neighbors, then you should consider placing your beehive on your roof. Rooftop beehives ensure that the bees all fly over your neighbor's homes and will lessen the chance of your bees harassing your neighbors in large numbers.

Tip: Provide an Ample Water Source for Your Beehive

Finally, it is vital for the health of your beehive and for honey production that you provide an adequate water source for your beehive. The bees need water for drinking and for cooling down the hive. If you do not provide a lot of easy-access water for your bees, then they will try to get it from your neighbors' swimming pools and pet water bowls. You can avoid this annoyance and keep your hive healthy by keeping containers of clean water very close to your hive's location. 

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