Consider Foldout Awnings For These Locations Around Your Home

Posted on: 28 May 2017


When you're thinking about the exterior of your home, it's worthwhile to evaluate how the addition of an awning might suit the space. While a traditional fixed awning can provide style and function, you might wish to alternatively consider a foldout awning. Mounted to a frame, this type of awning can be extended into its "open" position with ease, and then folded up just as quickly when you want it to be out of the way. Whether large or small, this type of awning can be effective in numerous locations around the exterior of your home, including the following spots.

Over The Front Door

While awnings over the front doors of businesses are common, it's not typical for a residence to have an awning in this location. Having a foldout awning installed here, however, can be visually appealing and provide a high degree of function. If it's raining, you can simply extend the awning. This way, when you go outside and have to stand for a moment to lock the door, you'll be covered. Similarly, guests arriving at your home won't have to stand in the rain until you're able to open the front door. Because awnings are available in many colors, you can find a product that matches or complements your home's exterior.

Next To The Pool

If you have a backyard pool, a foldout awning next to it makes sense for a lot of reasons. While it's fun to spend a sunny day in and around the pool, you and your family members may also want or need some time out of the sun. It can be frustrating to have to go inside to cool off or nurse a sunburn when everyone else is out having fun, but a poolside awning provides the solution. With this structure in place, those who need shade can grab a patio chair and sit beneath the awning, while still remaining in the fun environment.

Over A Second-Level Deck

If you have a small deck off the master bedroom of your home, you may love a quiet morning with the newspaper and a cup of coffee or a quiet evening in this spot with your spouse. However, in the former scenario, the sun may make the area inhospitable. A foldout awning will quickly address this dilemma, however. An awning over a second-level deck can also provide some privacy. For example, if there's a condo building near you, you might feel conspicuous to the higher-floor residences when you're out on your deck. With the awning in place, you'll feel a higher degree of privacy.

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